Congregational Meeting – June 4, 2017


Congretational Meeting & Church Officer Vote

Immediately following the 8:00am service, a special congregational meeting will be held to vote on the ordination and installation of 6 new church officers (3 deacons; 3 elders). Brunch will following the Vote. 
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Sunday, June 4


Immediately Following the 8am service


New Life Sanctuary & Patio


All Members

Church Officers

Meet the Candidates


Do I need to attend?

New Life members need to attend as a quorum is required in order to vote on official church business. Please make every effort to attend. 

How will the voting take place?

Voting will be done by secret ballot. The votes will be counted and the results announced at the end of the meeting.

Why are we electing new church officers?

As New Life grows, the shepherding and service needs of the church require more qualified and trained leaders. We want to provide New Life members with personal, meaningful care as we grow together in Christ. Ordained church leadership is one of the mechanisms Jesus uses to build His church.

How can I prepare for the meeting?

Pray for God’s will to be done and for the good of the church.
Read the biblical qualifications for elders and deacons (1 Tim 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9).
If you have any concerns about the candidates, please speak with one of the pastors or your elder.

What if I’m not a New Life member?

Talk to one of the pastors about joining! In the meantime, you are welcome to attend the meeting, but only church members are permitted to vote on church business.