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September 19, 2021 @ ~10am


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Mission, Vision, Values


Building community, a spiritual stone house, is at the heart of New Life’s five-year plan. As we build up our community with God’s ultimate will in mind, we will know a deeper experience of his joy. When you sit around the dinner table with family, friends, and loved ones, it is not perfect. No gathering of imperfect people can possibly be perfect. However, joy is unstoppable. It infiltrates conversation, reminiscing on memories, and hopes for the future with each other. The future could include marriage, new babies and family members, and growth that includes more friends because of the impact you have had on the people around you through the Holy Spirit. This may cause dynamics to change and maybe your family does some things differently to accommodate for the growth and adjustments that are necessary to show love to one another.

We are confident that this five-year plan equips us to not only embrace new people, make changes to existing ministries and ways of worshipping God, and expand our reach to organizations and our community, but it also will continue to deepen our family life and maintain the family “feel” that we treasure at New Life. God has answered our prayers, as He promises He always will. He will continue to grow our church in a way that glorifies Him if we faithfully approach Him in prayer and humility, knowing that He is the Giver of all good things and if our will for New Life is aligned with His will. As we begin a new year and begin implementing this five-year plan, we hope you will join with us in prayer, giving, patience, and encouragement as we are led by the Holy Spirit in what is sure to be a dynamic-changing but beautiful time of transition, change, and Gospel-centered growth.

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