CPR/AED and First Aid Class – March 23, 2019

CPR/AED and First Aid Class

Please Join us for a CPR/AED and/or First Aid class.
Space will be limited to twenty (20) people.
Lunch will be served between classe from 12:00 – 12:30pm


March 23, 2019
CPR / AED 8:00 – 12:00
First Aid 12:30 – 4:30

CPR/AED and First Aid classes are both a combination of lecture, video, and hands on practice. All classes meet and exceed; American Heart Association standards (CPR/AED), American Red Cross standards (First Aid), OSHA/Cal OSHA standards for CPR and First Aid in the workplace.

CPR/AED includes – Adult/Child/Infant one rescuer, Protection from Infection/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Legal Issues, Responding Safely, Chain of Survival, Using an AED-Adult & Child, Child & Infant Choking care, Opioid associated emergencies. Two students to one manikin ratio. CPR practice barrier, practice gloves, and knee pads will be provided along with additional handouts. Each student will be provided with a student manual that they keep.

First Aid includes 27 different topics- Assessment of medical and trauma, abdominal injuries, allergic reaction (use of epi-pen), amputation, asthma, bites & stings, bleeding control (use of direct pressure, wound packing, and tourniquets), breathing difficulty, burns, chest injury, Hypo & hyperthermia (heat & cold emergencies), dehydration, diabetic emergencies (insulin shock & diabetic coma), drug overdose, electrical emergencies, eye injury, fainting, fractures, head/neck/back injuries, nosebleeds, poisoning, seizures, shock, snakebite, stroke, tooth injuries, and wound care. Each student will be provided with a student manual that they keep.