John Kong

Pastor of Christian Education

John is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (2008) and Westminster Seminary California (2019). He was born in Nashville, TN, but grew up in Taiwan from the age of 3 until he graduated high school. After college he worked in an investment bank for 7 years before sensing God calling him to ministry, and so he resigned in 2015 to come to Escondido for seminary.

During John’s time in seminary, he was an intern at New Life serving in various ministries, and after graduation he received a call from New Life to be the Director of Christian Education, where he is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the Youth & Family Ministry while also having oversight over Christian Education in the Children’s Ministry.

John loves hanging out with middle and high schoolers, whether it is grabbing a bite to eat, surfing at the beach, playing sports, or just chatting about life. What he loves most, however, is walking alongside the youth as they continue to mature in their relationship with God.

A Note From John

One of the most important things in Youth & Family Ministry is building a relationship with the youth, and that’s what I desire to cultivate— whether it is through playing sports, going out to eat, hanging out with them by the beach, going to their school play, or whatever else they are interested in. I hope to develop a trusting relationship with the youth, so that they know I genuinely care for them and will be there to support them. I believe that once rapport and trust is developed, pointing them to Christ and speaking the Gospel truths into their lives becomes that much more effective.

As the apostle Paul says, “If I speak in the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” I could speak the most eloquent and gospel-filled sermon, but if I don’t have a relationship with the youth, then it will fall on deaf ears. I do not want to be a gong or cymbal to the youth, but I want to show them that I truly love them and care for them, because Christ truly loves them and cares for them.

Another important aspect about Youth Ministry is that it is not the John Kong show, but it is a team effort. That’s why it is also important for me to build up a team that is also passionate about youth ministry, being willing to invest time to get to know the youth, and wanting to walk alongside them. It’s also crucial that I have strong female leadership as part of the team, as they will be able to reach out to the girls in youth group in ways that I would not be able to. I have a strong group of leaders currently, both male and female leadership, and I am continuing looking to build up the team.

So why come to the Youth & Family Group at New Life? Because it is a place where real relationships are built and where our relationship with God is strengthened. New Life’s Vision Statement is to “Present Everyone Mature in Christ,” and that is also our goal for the Youth & Family Group. We are all one family because of Christ, and in our Youth & Family group we want to grow together as a family, to not only deepen our relationships with one another, but also with our Heavenly Father.

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