Christianity can’t be done alone. As human beings made in God’s image we were designed to live, work, play, and worship in community. God created us for community and redeems us for community. Sharing life should happen beyond Sunday mornings. Life groups are one way we’re seeking to participate in life together.

Life groups at New Life seek to live out four practices: Hospitality, Scripture, Prayer, and Friendship. Our groups are seeking to be hospitable places of generous welcome to everyone; people shaped by and living under God’s Word; family who share the hurts and joys of life with Our Father and each other; and friends journeying toward the same destination.

Who would benefit from participating in a Life Group?

Anyone looking for a place where you are fully known and fully loved. Our groups are designed to welcome all people from different backgrounds and stages of life.

What does a typical Life Group look like?

Life Groups are usually a regular gathering of people who attend New Life. They often share a meal together, process the current sermon series in conversation, pray with one another, and intentionally seek the deepening of friendships.

Things You Need To Know Before Joining a Life Group

1. Our groups strive to be more than social clubs or cliques, but models of the body of Christ in all its generational, socioeconomic, and ethnic diversity.

2. Community requires commitment. You’ll have to give something up to join a Life Group: time, schedule, comfort. Being part of a family is beautiful, but requires something of you.

Dates, Times, and Locations

We have groups that meet throughout the week and on weekends. Reach out to our team if you're looking for a group near you.